My love of used things & what I bought this week

My biggest house fear is living in a space that looks like a staged model home.

There is nothing wrong with new houses! But I want my house to look lived in. And let’s face it, hand crafted items or furniture made decades earlier are usually better made.

If you look in the right place you can:

  • Do something good for the planet by reusing and repurposing great items
  • Have really well made things in your home without a big price tag

My favorite places to look include auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores–which probably come from a love of garage sales as a kid. And some of my favorite clothing pieces are second hand: my black leather jacket from Screaming Mimi’s in Manhattan, and my Dior blazer from Bungalow in Kensington Market in Toronto.

(However, some things will definitely have to be new: sofas, light fixtures, etc.)

Here’s what I found this week:

Wicker Blanket Box ($9)

This has seen better days, but I couldn’t resist it. The brass hardware IS in tip-top shape though. It has a lot of charm and I’ll probably throw a blanket over the spots that have lost their wicker wrapping.


Framed NYC map ($7)

This looks brand new, and reminds me of these Restoration Hardware prints. For some reason it was at the thrift store looking for a new home. It will go really well with our grey walls–and my love of the big apple.